Friday, December 20, 2013

Throw out Vacation with my family

Hi peeps, found this in draft. Enjoy =)


We were there just to meet dad's clients and to shoot a video. Trust me, the daughter looked like Nora Danish and she's only 8 years old. Ahh ! Damn lucky. I spent most of my time there at Sarawak swimming. Yeay ! Sunburned ! I cut my hair at the client's saloon and now I have hair fringe. Dapat banyak kawan, peramah, ehem ehem and I really enjoyed I get the chance to speak Sarawak's slang ! Haha. A bit cacat for sure.


Cute boys and hot girls were like everywhere ! We went to the beautiful islands. Real good place to spend your day with your beloved. I love the breakfast I had there. The foods were so delicious that I'd rather stay there than Kuala Lumpur or Penang or Kedah. Even the tourists there agreed that Sabah is way better when it comes to foods!


Day one, Manila
So we reached Manila around 1500 and we had to line up and it took us like an hour for the process , bad service. The airport was like super small and since I have this siamies skin. Most of them thought I was a Philippian ! Haha. And the funny part happened at the airport was when the kakak kastam asked "where's your dad?" and I answered "itu dalam bagasi. Tak Nampak ?" Since they can't understand Bahasa and when she asked again "What's in your bags ?" and I answered with my dumb face "I am not bad girl, me good people come for holiday" It was fun ! Like seriously. You guys should really try. A poor country ! Jaga barang-barang anda, even kedai runcit biasa di sini ada guard jaga. Bayangkan betapa banyak kes rompak dan ragut di sini ? Depan hotel- hotel 5 bintang ada pengemis dan homeless peeps. A good Condo to stay if you are in Manila is Le'Mirage. Even kolam renang dia bawah bumbung =3

Day two
We tried to ride the "Jaitme" Sangat murah. Dia macam kereta panjang ala van.  We took MRT (something like our LRT) to Baclaran. Woahh. Best shopping place ever. They treated me like queen man !  They were really good in business and they are polite. ESDA is a place for you to shop for souvenirs, the mall is something like Pavilion in Malaysia.

Day three
Woke up at noon since I was too tired. We went to a park called "Ryzal" something. There was a museum and I took a lot of pictures and shot a lot of scenes there for Faizal's short film. The taxi in Manila was like so cheap. Had so much in STAR CITY ! It's like Genting Highlands in Malaysia. Abang-abang yang kerja di situ sangat comel dan gentle. Setiap kali habis permainan dan saya nak turun mesti mereka akan pegang tangan saya tolong saya turun =3 Rasa macam nak culik mereka dan jadikan mereka popular di Malaysia. They get paid for only RM7 a day. Kerja penat tapi hasilnya tidak berbaloi langsung. Anyway, I was craving for Malaysia's foods and then guess what ? I found Indon Mee at 7e. Bersyukur kepada Allah. Makanan yang halal di Philippine hanya boleh didapati di Barkathi, saya stay di Bartini. Take note okay guys ?`


Love, Tasha.

no one can do it =.=