Monday, November 19, 2012

My dream

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Hi assalamualaikum , lagi 2 minggu cuti sem berakhir, how time flies *smiling* Neeta Manishaa, my twin is almost there, she is an icon now, she is a singer, people adore her. I really miss the moments of two of us, when we were just the "two little annoying girls" The moment when we're ugly, tiada siapa kisah pasal kitaorang masa itu. I'm still searching for the light to guide me, people were like "You pun nak jadi artis macam Neeta?" Euwww, this is not about popularity or fame, this is about my interest, my dream.

So there are a bunch of losers who keep gossiping about me, LOL these people are so funny -___- They should really learn what's the REAL meanings between friendly and flirty. I am not into relationship anymore after my last ex dumped me ? Haha. Sangat kelakar ! Three words, I WAS STUPID. I was too awesome for him. Kalau tidak, memang dia tidak akan cari saya semula.

To be honest, someone caught my attentions. He is cute, he is unique. I don't think he knows that he's my everything sebab saya pandai sembunyikan perasaan saya, TEEHEE. I want to know how strong he is. I want someone who will never give up on me. Can he be the one that will stay in love with me forever? Everyone knows how to fall in love but not everyone can stay in love with one person, forever. I want a serious relationship, get married, have kids, adopt kids, live happily ever after and die in peace, amin =)

My clumsiness, my weird face, my freak attitude but hey be who you are, be weird, be a freak because you will never know who would fall for the person you hide.

Tasha <3

no one can do it =.=