Monday, January 20, 2014

Drama Fes KL & Teater Hentian

Drama Festival KL ? Peluang untuk Pengarah Muda tunjuk bakat masing-masing and we have our so-called Director Azlan Norani. He is a senior of mine. He is really talented and I do believe if I can't make it one day, he will. So here we have "Suratan" Wait for it people ! Respect abang Alan sebab sanggup berkorban untuk "Suratan"

The making of "Suratan" , my scene.

Have been working with abang Azlan for ages, amboi. Tapi semua atas urusan kerja sahaja. He's like my forever bro who I admire. Kerja dengan dia senang, semua boleh bawa berbincang. Ketua yang disegani dan dihormati =)

Next, teater Hentian. So far, dua kali pementasan. First di UiTM Lendu. I remember that moment when the crowds yelled out my name. I was so happy that they appreciated my character "Julia" Watak Julia sebenarnya sangat berat. Cara Julia bercakap, duduk, jalan, berdiri, semua kena belajar. Not easy bro, not easy. Second show di Laman Budaya. Next pementasan Festival Teater Shah Alam. Teater yang sama akan dipentaskan tapi semuanya akan ditukar. Rahsia =3

Love, Tasha.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

To my number one best guy friend

"I'm not like most of the girls", said most of the girls.

Every girls want to have that guy who she can run up to with her messy hair, no make on and the first thing he says is, "You're beautiful" It's not a lie because when you really fall in love, you will feel the love. 

If one day, I run away from our conversation, I want you to chase. Chase me even if I shout " Leave me alone. I don't need anyone. I'M FINE" You need to know it's a lie.

Girls need a guy who can fight for her, stand up for her when nobody does. Girls are weak, physically and mentally. Don't leave her when her best friends make fun of her. NEVER.

Dear you, I don't really want to be the only thing on your mind. I want to be the only girl in your heart.

Don't just say "I love you" , show it. 

I want a relationship where I can act like an idiot, talk random stuffs, to have you by my side listening to my dramatic stories without complaining.  I want you to never get bored of me.

Real man ? Not to sleep with 100 girls but to have faith in me and stay with me even when others are chasing you.

When a girl is sick and she says " I hate medicines" , she wants you to be there. Be her medicines, make her laugh.

And guess what ? I found you Mohamad Fauzan Hakimi Bin Abdullah. I always failed in relationships because I was dating boys. You are my man, my boyfriend, my best guy friend, my everything. 

If only I can give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. You will realize how special you are to me. 

I love you sayang, Selamat Ulang Tahun Persahabatan yang pertama. Dah cukup setahun =') Thank you for all the memories. 

Love, Tasha.

no one can do it =.=