Saturday, August 3, 2013


Assalamualaikum, I will be babbling about friendship today.

A best friend isn't someone who's just always there for you. Its someone who understands you a bit more than you understand yourself. I used to have this "someone" but now she can't be that "someone" anymore. A dude took her away from me and she chose him over our friendship. What can I say ? I cried for a year and now I am tired. I don't really miss her now, I just miss our memories.

I miss this someone . We were young and crazy. Pernah sekali we were rushing for an event and we brushed our teeth in the car ala-ala gaya Mr Bean. Hey, that was fun ! Dan sekali tu we were so bored di dalam mall. Kami ikut je siapa-siapa yang attractive then buat-buat pengsan. Kami berlakon buta dan tengok reaksi orang. and and wait....... I can't do this. This "someone' is my past, my mistake.

Whatever, I know I am strong enough to handle these mixed feelings I'm having now. Things will get better In Shaa Allah. Cuti sem October ni saya akan jumpa balik semua kawan lama. Kalau semua ini masih belum terlambat, saya akan bebaskan dia dari dipermainkan lelaki itu.

Dear awak, pergilah sebarkan fitnah. Suatu hari, awak akan sedar siapa kawan sebenar awak. Saya tunggu, saya tunggu. Sekarang pun, ramai dah nampak apa lelaki tu buat dekat awak, Macam-macam benda jahat. Awak seorang je yang belum tahu. Ibu awak sendiri tak suka lelaki itu tapi awak dah suka kan, He gave you "everything" la kononnya. Enough said.

Tasha <3

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Muhd Aizat Amdan


Tasha <3

Semester 3 is a mess =(

Assalamualaikum guys, semester 3 is a mess for me.  Enough said. Why and why ? I will tell you a story.

My best friend left me for some reasons. I remember she said “Tasha, you’ve changed.” No doubt guys, people changed, so does she. I can’t be Tasha I used to be. I have to change. I learn how to dress up like a teenage girl, I put some make up on my face like my other masscommer girl friends.  I love my wedges. Physically changed but I’m still me. My family still recognize me so I don’t think I‘ve changed THAT MUCH.

So I found this guy. Let’s just call him nana. Nana was my number 1 best friend. I gave him my trust but he gave me a bunch of lies. Yes, he broke my fragile heart. HE IS A JERK ! Dia tinggalkan masalah and I have to settle things up ! Thanks a lot Nana. You backstabbed me, you gave me troubles and you gave me “awesome” experiences  that I WILL NEVER FORGET.

First kantoi, dia curi Iphone classmate dia. Kitaorang maafkan dia and actually we helped him to change. Dia kata family dia tak beri duit. Kalau lepak, kitaorang tak pernah minta duit dia. Tak kisah la pasal background family. Bagi kitaorang, kawan susah senang semua sekali. Then satu hari tu, semua pasal dia terkantoi. Pasal duit yang hilang, purse, kereta yang kononnya dia punya, dia berhutang keliling pinggang dan banyak lagi. Saya terkena tempias, busuk sekejap la nama saya semua sebab Nana.

But its okay, he is not my only “best friend” I have.  Jay, Hamsty, Fau Fau and others are still here for me. 
Semester 3 is still a mess for me. I didn’t get to be part of Komed (masscomm) since they said “Tasha. you banyak sangat commitment..” I was sad to be honest but remember “setiap benda berlaku ada hikmahnya” Yes and yes, I can finally focus on my Teater club (sepresi) and Kebudayaan. I went for the interview for MT kebudayaan, In Shaa Allah I’m gonna be part of them.  Pray for me okay guys ?

I skipped a lot of classes this semester . I get A LOT OF MC, I am super weak, selalu sangat demam. Anyway, I finished up my assignments on time and luckily, I get awesome group mates. Thank you  Syila, Jaido, Afiq, Haziq and others.

NOW THE GOOD NEWS. Alhamdulillah I get an offer to be haaa model for this magazine and all because they love my long legs. HAHA ! Anyway I am not sure about that yet because I love teater more than anything. My life is for teater ! Semester ini , puteri raja untuk teater "Bota" and Bawang putih untuk teater "Legasi". Watak baik ! HABISLAH ! Tapi akan ada pementasan “Syaitan Dalam Bahaya” di Shah Alam soon ! Yes yes ! Watak jahat =3

Oh ya, do mention @HnnhHA if you are interested with the batwing top and @faceartshoes if you are interested with the shoes.

Tasha <3

no one can do it =.=