Monday, December 30, 2013


Hi assalamualaikum. Jom Heboh di Sungai Petani ? Yes, I was there, as a crew. With my masscomm seniors, 3 of them. They placed me at Bananana Land. Had so much fun with the kids. Oh God, I love kids, they are so adorable, tiny, so fluffy that I could eat them alive. Haha. That WOW moment for me is when all those peeps were crazy over celebrities. They pushed each other just to snap pictures, and I was like SERIOUSLY LA ? OH MY GOD ! Menakutkan. Celebrities di mana-mana sahaja and I stay calm most of the time when I have to communicate with them. Well since I don't really recognize new celebrities bak kata alip "semua stok muke Neelofa, nak dekat sama".Haha. "Kau berlagak diva or feeling artis eh Tasha?" A girl threw those words to me since she saw me siting with Alip, having a great, dramatic conversation while others? Snap pictures with those celebrities since they have chances. We are free to do whatever we want right ? Here some tips, if you want celebrities to notice you and treat you as a friend or as someone who he/she knows, say hi to them nicely and not by yelling "ah ah ah ah I minat you gila teruk sampai boleh mati kalau you tak tangkap gambar dengan I" Trust me, some of them, will please you first and make fun of you later. So sekali tu, when I was talking to Alip, buat dramatic kejap sampai berdiri. Then ada actor gagah, he was like "Youre so dramatic, hey tadi jaga booth mana?" and we have a short conversation. Kami berpeluang jumpa dengan mereka di kawasan makan and rehat mereka, so if you don't really make noises and give them spaces. They will be really thankful. So here I have some pictures of me working since I'm not really into "HEY MUST TAKE PICTURE WITH YOU OR I'M DEAD!!" to every celebrities I met but still, sesiapa yang memang begitu, I have nothing against you. Itu cara you. Selagi tidak menyusahkan kehidupan I, I will be just fine =)

Love, Tasha.

no one can do it =.=