Thursday, April 12, 2012

LMFAO ,sorry for pary rockin

hey people , how was your day ? 9th april , if im not mistaken . my twin turbo and our best friend , remy ! we went for lmfao 's concert ! yeayhh ! abang melakaboy helped us a lot ! we managed to get into the samsung zone ! woahhh ! and guess what ? first row ^^ red foo was like so close ! lmfao sangat menghormati malaysia ! mereka buat semua version yang lebih sopan, sembur champagne pun yang fake =) sekali tu , saya angkat neeta di bahu dan security guard marah ! haha ! awesome~ i danced with a form2 dude ! we were jumping around like a KIDDO ~ tade clubbing2 okay, dia sangat comel ! -______- yeaaaa , that night was one of our night <3

tasha <3

no one can do it =.=